There is a need of an organization that can provide the guidance, knowledge and system that can help the business organizations and leaders to transform them as the main actors of global change – the great change that bring the world to new era of wisdom, justice and abundance.


  • We provide strategic consulting that help business organization to know their grand design, finding the best strategy according to the cosmic knowledge, and develop the culture of organization to realize that grand design.
  • Every business organization we can treat as a soul that have  a grand design; then we can evaluate the progress or the achievement compared with this grand design.
  • We help the business organization to overcome the gap between current condition and the grand design.


  • We provide series of training that help the entrepreneurs and leaders to understand and to be capable how to act as the entrepreneur and leader with divine wisdom and cosmic knowledge.
  • The trainings bring entrepreneurs and leaders into transformation to be the great soul and self, that can achieve happiness, great success and abundance.
  • We giving guidance how to purify the self, nurture the seed of divinity within the self, access the cosmic knowledge, making the right even great decision, create solid and full of loyalty team with the energy of pure love, also create the harmony and balance of spiritual and material success.


  • Private or personal program to help the entrepreneurs and leaders to reach holistic transformation by realizing the best version of self.
  • Executed with the scheduled meeting with the coach/mentor; where the coach/mentor give the reading and evaluation about their current situation, identify the lack and strategy of strengthening, then develop the understanding and capability to be great entrepreneur and leader that can influent the world with the power of innovation based on divine wisdom and cosmic knowledge.